.. the home, we live in, can make us happy or unhappy, can change our point of view and even personality...


INSPIRATIONS: while creating reality, for you, in your new home, I seek the inspiration in great masters works and in the  nature, which surrounds us.

 RHYTHM: each project I create, is very special for me. I'm trying to find its own rhythm and it is meaningless if it is painting, interior or product.

AIM: my aim, in designing, is the maximizing benefits, esthetic and comfort of the product, keeping in mind cost optimization of its creation.


HOLODNIK - design and painting studio, which specialize not only in the interior and the product design but also in painting and  creations of the patterns. Additionally, we offer both the easel painting and the wall painting, which can fill in your empty interior. The design and the painting is our specialty. We believe that to see happy, satisfied customer, we need to treat everyone individually, considering carefully his/hers needs and taste.


 From 2015 - working as designer in Selsey Polska sp. Z o.o. company.


Joanna Hołodnik's exhibitions:

2018            individual exhibition, Poland,Wroclaw, Kontury Kultury

2017-2018   individual exhibition, Poland, Warsaw, AMICI

2016            individual exhibition, Poland, Leszno, Mercedes Benz

2010            collective exhibition,  Poland, Polanica Zdrój,  Art Galery

2007-2008   individual exhibition, Poland, Wrocław, Mercedes Benz

2006            collective exhibition, Poland, Brzeg, Galeria Sztuki

2005            collective exhibition, Poland, Brzeg, The Castle of  Silesian Piast